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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the immediate benefit of having ID Angel?

Critical information is available in the moment of need

Can anyone just take a picture of the QR code and gather all my personal information?

ID Angel provides a personal profile where you decide which information you find suitable for public viewing. We leave that decision to you.

Are there any monthly fees in having to use this product or is it a one-time cost?

There are no monthly fees it is a one- time fee for the QR Code or the bracelets and in addition you receive your personal profile online 24/7

Will the first responders realize what the ID Angel is? If so, how will they be able to access my medical history and provide proper treatment?

We are in the process of spreading the word about ID Angel for first responders, and soon it will be widely spread, meanwhile a good rule is to tell your friends where the QR Code is located and have multiple phone numbers for emergency contacts.

How secure will all my personal information including medical history be if I decide to use ID Angel?

Your information is not shared or sold in any form to any other entity, we may send you and email once in a while, but you can opt-out in case you don't want to hear from us.

Free shipping whithin continental US

Yes, all orders will be shipped for free within continental US

Can I return my bracelet?

Yes, you can return your bracelet if there is something you don't like about it, we will generate a refund once received

Do you have offices in US

Yes, we have offices in Miami, FL from where we ship some of our products